Terms and conditions

Official blurb

1. All media remains the property of FlyPix Aerial Photography, full media rights can be purchased 

2. The operators have complete control over the operations at all times. If deemed unsafe to fly the operation will be       suspended until conditions are suitable (weather, personal safety, civilian safety, potential damage to properties).

3. If the customer insists on doing the flight when conditions are not acceptable and operator cancels job then the customer will pay full price for that operation as agreed

4. If Operator cancels operations due to unfavourable conditions the operation will be suspended until suitable time, day and conditions are agreed with the customer. There will be no extra charges to the agreed price.

5. If on surveying the operation prior to agreement and it is found that the operation would violate the law or CAA rules & regulations then the operation will not take place, no charges will be made. Please respect these decisions.